About Us

Pankhoori is an initiative to showcase for some of the best products from original Indian artists and craftsmen. The endless treasure of Indian Art and Craft still remain unexploited in terms of its reach to consumers across India and globally in certain sectors .  Pankhoori creates availability for much acclaimed but not largely available products from parts of India for people who love India‚Äôs rich culture and heritage.


Pankhoori, a small team based at Kolkata and Delhi, has started with supplies mainly from artists and craftsmen from Bengal. We have well laid plans to introduce items from other states of eastern India i.e. Orissa, Assam and Manipur. All products are specially ordered and fully checked for quality. A variety of unique styles along with different combinations and designs make each Pankhoori item a unique creation. These are sourced from well known craftsmen across Bengal.


Why Pankhoori

1. Fabric used is best in class and of export quality

2. Each design pattern is unique and tailor made, traditional and in trend

3. Products are sourced from award winning craftsmen who deserve more recognition and commercial success.

4. Cotton used in the products is pure and most comfortable for Indian weather.